What Types Of Expanded Gaskets Are Available?

Have you ever stepped out to look for a gasket or just had a look at it on any online platform? You may have noticed that you will be provided with a complete list of different types of gaskets, all with different specifications. There will be different gaskets having different functions and used for different platforms.

You will also find gaskets distinguished by the type of materials used in their manufacturing. Hence if you are thinking of purchasing an expanded gasket like China Expanded PTFE Gasket then you must know all the types to make your choice clear. You will find every type of gasket along with their details in the article below.

Knowing Expanded Gaskets

For those, who are unaware of the function of an expanded gasket, it acts as a sealing material that is responsible for connecting two services. You may have seen this material between pipe flanges. They are widely preferred in industries like gas, petrochemical, food processing, etc.

If we talk about the purpose of gaskets then we will come to know that they are generally used to stop the leakage between two surfaces. This is because due to corrosion, two connected services may start leaking so expensed gaskets are highly preferred. It has to be clear that the material used for their manufacturing must be of the best quality.

Types of Expanded Gaskets Based On Material

It’s a basic thing that the gaskets will always show such a function that is adopted by the material used to manufacture it. Some types of an. expended gaskets based on manufacturing material are given below:

PTFE Gaskets

The type of gasket manufactured by expanded virgin PTFE material is referred to as an expanded PTFE gasket. During this process, the equal tensile strength of highly fibrillated and uniform microstructure is produced. In simple words, no structural weakness is possessed by an expanded PTFE gasket.

Cork Gaskets

This gasket is produced by a combination of natural cork with elastomer bindings that results in high compression and flexibility.

Rubber Gaskets

It is the softest material gasket and a lot of elastomers can be utilized in its manufacturing like nitrile, natural rubber or neoprene, etc. These gaskets are widely preferred for manways, pipe gaskets, and heat exchangers, etc.

Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Compressed fiber along with elastomer binding is used for the manufacturing of non-asbestos gaskets. Its applications include steam, oil, acids, etc.

Types of Expanded Gaskets Based On Function

Given gaskets are grouped as gaskets based on their functions:

Mounting Gaskets

Now, it has become a need to protect a display from shock or other particles as information is now provided using advanced digital displays. Mounting gaskets are demanded in this condition.

Environmental Seals

This gasket is used to save a surface from contamination and dust. It is most recommendable for use in electrical enclosures.

Sealing Liquid Seals

The type of gasket used for sealing against any leakage of liquid is referred to as a sealing liquid seal gasket. High resistance is offered to the chemicals by using different rubber types.


To disrupt the entrance of frequency and sound on a surface, anti-vibration gaskets are preferred. These gaskets are recommended in areas like pipe support, machinery mountings, structural bearings, etc.

Types of Expanded Gaskets Based On Piping

Expanded gaskets are also used in piping and flanges. These gaskets along with their details are mentioned below:

Metallic Gaskets

Metallic gaskets are manufactured using materials like Montel, soft iron, steel, etc. High-pressure class flanges require metallic gaskets and hence are preferred where high temperature is demanded.

Non-Metallic Gaskets

This gasket usually comprises PTFE material and is also famous as a soft gasket. These gaskets can easily be compressed using low-tension bolting.

Final Lines

When choosing a gasket for business purposes, there comes a need when a person gets confused about whether to buy the type of gasket. A variety of gaskets in the market have different specifications and are distinguished by their material, function and even applications.



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