Complete Guide to the Proper Care and Maintenance of Hair Extensions

Wigs can be a great addition to your hair since they let you alter your look, have longer hair and more volume, and variety of styles. Visit this and get a new hair extension. However, to maintain such change as healthy, natural color, and long, they require proper care. Here are essential tips to help you care for your hair extensions:

Washing Techniques

It becomes very important that hair extensions can only be maintained properly if it is washed properly. It is advised to use a mild shampoo that does not contain sulfate while washing try to wash your scalp not the extensions. It is also important not to wash hair extensions too often since this can dry them up or make them entangle; the maximum number of times one can wash hair extensions is once or twice a week.


Hair extensions require some conditioning so that they do not become hard and can be easily managed. Apply a moisturizing conditioner on the mid-shafts and the tips of the hair only, avoid applying on the root part because the extensions will be fixed there. After using the shampoo on the hair, let the conditioner remain on the hair for some time before washing it with warm water.


Do not use a regular hair brush or a comb with fine teeth because this will entangle and damage the hair extension. Start from the tips and work up; if you come across a knot, then you should be very gentle when trying to undo it. One should not brush the extensions when they are wet because they will stretch and break.

Heat Styling

Do not use heat on the hair extensions by use of flat iron, curling wands, and blow dryers. If heat styling is needed then one has to always use heat protectant spray to reduce the damage that is caused to the hair. Reduce the temperature of the tools so that the extension bonds do not get damaged or broken.

Avoiding Chemicals

Do not wash your hair with chlorine, salt water, and other products that can dry the natural hair and extension. If, for some reason, one is to swim in treated water, one should wear a swimming cap to protect the hair extensions.

Regular Maintenance

It is recommended to have a professional hairstylist who works with extensions to offer you a maintenance appointment. They are capable of checking on the condition of your extensions, readjusting the bonds that may have loosened over time, and trimming the tips to prevent the development of split ends apart from making you look natural.

Protective Styles

Wear protective styles that will not affect your extensions; for instance braid styles, bun styles, and up styles. Such styles help minimize contact with the environment, and therefore the longevity of hair extensions is preserved.

Gentle Products

When styling the hair, always use hair products that are specifically for hair extensions and should not weigh down the hair like leave-in conditioner or serums. Avoid the use of products that contain alcohol in this case as this will make the extensions dry and become stiff.


With the information on how to care for your hair extensions, your extensions will remain healthy, shiny, and beautiful for as long as possible. Caring for the extensions properly means that the wear of the extensions is well maintained as is the natural hair.



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